Welcome from Principal Patricia Lindeman

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    Patricia Lindeman
    Phone: 507-658-3301 ext 1119
    Email: patricia.lindeman@rtrschools.org

    On behalf of RTR Elementary School, I would like to welcome you to the RTR community. At RTR Elementary School, we pride ourselves on our commitment to students and families. We value each and every student as the unique individual they are and enjoy watching our students make progress in their learning. We recognize that learning is a continuum and is progressive in nature, drawing a clear distinction between progressing and proficient.

    Our teachers are dedicated to creating learning spaces which are rich with literacy, discussion, and hands-on learning. We believe in the importance of making sure instruction is delivered to all learning styles.

    A few of the things that make RTR Elementary School the premier school of choice include the following:

    1. Family Atmosphere - We treat one another as we would members of a family. We believe in the inherent goodness of each and every person.
    2. Safety and Security - We have one secure main entrance which is monitored by office staff. We take safety very seriously and conduct regular safety drills. We are quick to respond to any needs.
    3. Creative Environment - We offer Music and Physical Education to every student in Kindergarten - 5th grade every day of the week. We also offer Art to every student in Kindergarten - 5th grade once a week. Band is offered to 5th graders as well.
    4. Collegial Staff - We care for each other very much and this permeates into student relationships.

    I welcome you to our family where we all Dream, Believe, and Achieve!