• Seehusen
    Beverly Seehusen
    Phone: 507-247-5913 ext 3208
    Email: bev.seehusen@rtrschools.org

    The RTR Health Services Department is excited to welcome you to the RTR School District!

    Welcome, this is a brief summary of the services we provide at the schools.

    The RTR District School Nurse and Health Coordinator, assist with educational success of the students by meeting their health care needs.

    A school health coordinator, LPN is staffed at the RTR Elementary daily during school hours. The district School Nurse, RN makes routine visits to the 3 RTR schools 2 days a week.

    Functions of the health care professionals:
    ~Assess and evaluate health needs
    ~Provide first aid and emergency care to students and staff
    ~Triage of injuries and occurrences
    ~Administer medications
    ~Provide specialized health care treatments and procedures that are required during school hours for maintaining/supporting health and wellness of the student
    ~Recording, maintaining and monitoring health logs and information
    ~Contacts parent/guardians regarding health concerns
    ~Organizing and performing annual vision and hearing screenings
    ~Organizing and performing health portion of bi-annual Early Childhood Screenings
    ~Provide families with referral information
    ~Provide families with upcoming children’s clinics information
    ~Promotes healthy lifestyle
    ~Promotes health nutrition
    ~Collaborating with students, families, teachers, coaches, physicians and support staff (PT, OT, Speech, Athletic Trainer) regarding student specific health needs and develop health plans to meet these needs
    ~Instructing, orientating training and monitoring health care associates
    ~Conduct preventative and health education services
    ~Immunization reviews and monitoring:
    ~~~The Minnesota Dept. of Health requires the School Nurse and Health Coordinator to monitor and report certain illnesses/outbreaks, and to file yearly reports regarding up to date and incomplete immunizations for every student in every school, Pre-K through 12 grade.

    These functions are performed using guidelines, laws, policies & procedures for School Health Service Providers, from the State of Minnesota School Laws, the Minnesota Board of Nursing, the Minnesota Department of Health, The National League of Nursing and The School Nurses of Minnesota to name a few.

    ***Students are required to be up to date on immunizations to start each new school year.

    According to the Minnesota State Immunization Law:
    ~~Students entering the 7th grade will need Tdap and Meningitis immunizations before starting school in the Fall

    ~~Students entering Kindergarten will need the last dose of Dtap, Polio, MMR, Varicella & the Hepatitis B series before starting school in the Fall.

    ~~Students entering Pre-School will need Hepatitis A series, Hepatitis B series, 4 Dtap, 3 Polio, 1 MMR and 1 Varicella before starting school in the Fall.
    Please feel free to contact the School Nurse and Health Coordinator with any health concerns or questions you may have, as we are here to assist making your student’s school years successful!

    Beverly Seehusen RN and Naomi Gunnink LPN